Attorney general fires former FBI deputy director just hours before retirement


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The timing of the firing was geared toward denying former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe his full retirement with benefits.

Trump’s attorney then demanded that the investigation into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia must end:

Former CIA Director John Brennan responded with a sharp criticism directed toward Trump:

Researcher gave 50 million Facebook users’ data to Trump campaign firm


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Documents supplied by a whistleblower insider show that data were used to target Facebook users with personalized Trump campaign ads in violation of Facebook’s policies:

Facebook knew about the misuse of its users’ data but failed to inform them despite laws requiring notification. Only after the news media asked Facebook for comment did it suspend the researcher and third party firm Cambridge Analytica this week. Sleazy Facebook then threatened the news media with legal action:

The researcher was funded by Russia. Cambridge Analytica claims it is responsible for electing Trump as president.

Report: Cambridge Analytica representatives have been caught on video saying they use propaganda, prostitutes and bribes to entrap political candidates and manipulate public opinion during election campaigns worldwide:

Massachusetts’ attorney general announced that an investigation will be launched to determine whether state laws were violated.

Officials in the U.K. described the related data leak involving Brexit as illegal.

Facebook’s stock value dropped $37 billion in one day in the wake of revelations about its failure to protect user data:

News media reported earlier that Russia purchased political ads supporting Trump’s presidential campaign.

Update: Cambridge Analytica has suspended its CEO, who claimed he met “many times” with Trump:

Facebook intentionally avoided trying to protect user data used by Cambridge Analytica. The tech giant routinely gave its members’ data to third party developers despite warnings by its own experts that enemy governments and data brokers would misuse the data:

It is important to understand that Facebook members are not its customers. Instead, Facebook members are the product that is sold to advertisers.

Cambridge Analytica was created in part by Steve Bannon, who would become Trump’s chief campaign strategist, and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was also involved. The firm used focus groups to test using racism against African Americans and support for Putin, Russia’s authoritarian president:

Cambridge Analytica’s goal was to trick people into supporting Trump with propaganda:

Reaction to the revelations about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica:

Here is what you can do to protect your online privacy:

“Delete Facebook” campaign spreads:

Media giant Sinclair requires its TV stations to spread conservative propaganda


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Sinclair’s journalists say they feel like prisoners of war when they are forced to read corporate statements:

Sinclair’s executives plan to position their stations so far to the right that they will make FOX News seem moderate by comparison. The media chain’s management is rabidly pro-Trump.

Sinclair, which already owns 173 local TV stations and is the largest such chain in the nation, plans to purchase Tribune Media, which owns or operates stations in California including KTLA.

Trump stupidly proposes arming teachers with guns in schools


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Trump removed restrictions to prevent severely mentally ill people from owning guns:

Trump’s proposed budget would cut funding for mental health treatment for 70 million Americans:

Trump accepted $11 million in campaign donations from the National Rifle Association and the NRA gave $19 million to groups opposing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign:

CNN is hosting a live town hall with school children from Florida asking tough questions to politicians about gun control: 

Trump, of course, is too chicken to attend the live town hall:

Trump’s approval rating has fallen to 37 percent:


Investigation continues into Russian support for Trump in US presidential election


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A troll describes Russia’s Orwellian effort to elect Trump as president:

More than 126 million Americans saw fake stories from Russia created in a coordinated effort to elect Trump:

Another Trump campaign aide has agreed to plead guilty and cooperate with the investigation:

Russia used social media to attempt to destroy American democracy. The U.S. is in a state of war with Russia, although Trump wants to be buddies with the dictator and organized crime leader Putin:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks for Dreamers for more than 8 hours without a break


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Reading stories about the struggles and accomplishments of Dreamers, Nancy Pelosi, 77, gave the longest Congressional speech in more than 100 years. And she did not sit or take a single break for anything for more than eight hours:

“I have no intention of yielding back,” she said at one point, as she refused to stop speaking.


Trump accuses Democrats of committing treason for not cheering during his State of the Union speech



Trump said Democrats don’t care about America and are un-American. He apparently wants Democrats to applaud him as if they were North Koreans cheering for the dictator Kim Jong Un:

As a point of reference, Republicans rarely applaud a Democratic president when he delivers a State of the Union speech.

Trump offends again in spin-filled State of the Union speech


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Trump said in his speech that he supports unity, but then he insulted undocumented people again by claiming that previous presidents’ immigration policies have allowed drug smugglers and murderers to freely enter the U.S.:

Trump actually said in his speech that “Americans are dreamers, too.” It is difficult to imagine that anyone could be so tone deaf to the concerns and fears of undocumented people.

Trump also attempted to take credit for higher employment during his first year in office, although employment has been trending upward for years and job growth was much higher when Obama was president:

The average monthly job creation totals in 2017 were the lowest since 2010:

Trump’s first year ends in disaster with government shutdown


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What’s next? Nuclear war?

Trump and Republicans in Congress are demanding that Democrats agree to fund the government before they will consider discussing extending DACA protections for immigrants:

Instead of working to solve the federal government shutdown crisis, Trump recorded a video to be shown to wealthy campaign donors celebrating his first year:

Attendance at the Trump celebration event costs $100,000 per couple, although high rollers can donate $250,000:

Women protest Trump across the nation:

Sen. Feinstein votes to continue mass surveillance of millions of innocent Americans


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Sen. Feinstein, who objected to the government spying on her staff, approved again of the mass surveillance of millions of innocent Americans who are not suspected of any wrongdoing:

Also voting in favor of mass surveillance: Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Raul Ruiz and Republican Ken Calvert:

For Democrats to give vast powers to the Trump administration to spy on millions of innocent Americans without a warrant is mind-boggling. Democrats have rightly opposed the Trump administration’s authoritarianism and close ties to Russian  dictator Putin, but when they had the opportunity to do something about it they failed miserably:

This failure by the Democrats means that the Trump administration can continue to spy on journalists, activists, protestors, professors, students, scientists, environmentalists, progressives, Democrats and anyone else they oppose.

And there were enough votes to reign in Trump’s powers, as many Republicans in the House and Senate supported the changes to the surveillance requirements, but Democrats sank the bills.

It would not be at all surprising for Trump to go over the edge into horrific extremism within a few weeks or months and order the spy agencies to target his opponents with heavy surveillance. And we can then look back at this crucial moment in history when the Democrats had the chance to protect the people, democracy and social justice but instead stupidly squandered it.

We cannot trust that America will always self-correct and secure freedom once again. Democracy and freedom must be earned every day. Democrats, however, voted instead to sacrifice essential privacy. And that vote may have flushed the great experiment that is America down the drain forever.

Dreamers encouraged to renew DACA status as political squabbling continues


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Democrats and Republicans are fighting over DACA’s future and immigration reform:

The Trump administration has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to allow it to dismantle DACA:

Resources for Dreamer students:

Republican senator plans to strongly criticize Trump in defense of free press


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Sen. Flake is expected to compare Trump’s assault on freedom of the press to tactics used by Stalin:

Flake described Trump’s comments about the news media as “shameful, repulsive”:

“When a figure in power reflexively calls any press that doesn’t suit him ‘fake news,’ it is that person who should be the figure of suspicion, not the press,” Flake said in his speech Jan. 17.

Instead of the free press being as Trump claims the “enemy of the people,” it is as Flake said the enemy of despots and “the guardian of democracy.” Indeed.

Flake’s full speech:

Sen. John McCain also strongly criticized Trump for attacking freedom of the press:

Trump uses vulgarity about Africa, Haiti


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After Trump repeatedly used a crude vulgarity to describe Africa and Haiti, he lied and denied saying it:

“Haitians slap your hand hard when they shake it,” Anderson Cooper said on CNN. “They look you in the eye, they do not blink. They stand tall. They have dignity. A dignity many in this White House could learn from. A dignity the president with all his money and power could learn from as well”:

How the news media handled reporting about Trump’s vulgarity, which is widely viewed as another example of his racism:

Trump has a long history of making racist comments and discriminating against African Americans by refusing to rent apartments to them:



USA Today: Trump lacks ‘morality, ethics, and simple humanity’


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The staff editorial from the moderate, mainstream newspaper says that Trump is “not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush”:

USA Today responds to criticism of its editorial about Trump:




Trump administration hires fossil fuels front group to spy on climate change scientists


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The nation looks over an authoritarian cliff into fascism and ignorance:

The Trump administration has banned the use of seven words by scientists:

Several advisory board scientists have resigned to protest the Trump administration’s disregard for science, climate change and environmental protections:

Scholar details how nuclear war with North Korea would likely unfold


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A reckless tweet from Trump, misunderstood by North Korea’s dictator, would lead to the use of nuclear weapons by North Korea. Millions of people, including Americans, would die:

A false alarm generated panic in Hawaii that a nuclear attack was imminent and added to concerns about Trump’s feud with North Korea’s dictator:

Then there is also the very real possibility that an irrational, unstable Trump could launch a nuclear attack out of anger or to distract from his failures as a leader.

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to an anti-nukes group:

Republicans plan to slash Medicare, social services after billions of dollars in tax cuts for corporations and the rich


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Instead of using a small portion of the nation’s extreme wealth to end homelessness, Republicans have decided to give themselves billions of dollars in tax breaks: