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The U.S. government is censoring the use of the words “climate change.” Instead, government employees are now required to use the words “weather extremes”:



The change in terminology has been ordered to make it less difficult to push through an increase in the use of coal and oil. The Trump administration has learned that whoever controls the language is more likely to win public support, as occurred when Republicans referred to the “estate tax” as the “death tax” when they proposed tax reform.

The timing of the change in terminology could not be more suspect, as a new national study details the devastating effects of climate change:


Climate change is expected to lead to more extended droughts in California:


Without urgent action, climate change effects are expected to include more wildfires, diseases, wars, starvation, ocean acidification, flooded coastal cities and species extinctions.

The planet has only a 5 percent chance of reaching the goals set out in the recent Paris climate agreement:


Update: A U.S. State Department science envoy has resigned. His blistering resignation letter spelled out the word “IMPEACH” in embedded text: