San Francisco 49ers Eric Reid rejects systemic racism, Pence walks out in desperate stunt


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I am so impressed with Reid’s heartfelt and brilliant comments about why NFL players are kneeling during the national anthem. He makes it clear that the athletes are doing exactly what good citizens are supposed to do in a democracy: They are expressing their opinions about serious problems that are unacceptable:

If only Trump and Pence were half as decent, patriotic courageous as Eric Reid.

When 49ers players knelt during the national anthem, Vice President Pence left the game as a planned stunt in a desperate attempt to divert attention from Trump’s failure to accomplish anything significant as president.

Trump’s new immigration demands expected to dash any DACA deal


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There is now little hope that a DACA deal can be struck. Democrats and moderate Republicans will not agree to Trump’s draconian immigration demands:

Most Americans disapprove of Trump’s job performance


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Only 24 percent of Americans say the country is heading in the right direction. Even most Republicans say the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction:

Thus, Trump’s latest threat to attack North Korea and kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. The president knows that many Americans rally around the flag and support the military and the president when a war begins.

Imagine giving the power to quickly destroy the world to a failed businessman who is morally bankrupt, erratic, egomaniacal, vindictive and obsessed with hate-fueled violence. No one should be surprised when he starts World War III. We have seen this movie before.

Trump’s low poll numbers also explain his recent attempt to reach a deal with Democrats on health insurance. He is desperate to show that he can accomplish something.

Blowing up the world and health insurance. An odd juxtaposition.

Sen. Bob Corker calls the Trump administration “adult day care”:

Trump administration to phase out DACA while most Americans support Dreamers


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California is to become a sanctuary state to protect immigrants:

Ads placed by Russian government targeted key voting districts in U.S. presidential election’s battleground states


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Election experts have said that it is very unlikely that Russia could have drilled down so precisely to place targeted advertisements in key districts in the U.S. presidential election without help from the Trump campaign. Trump won the two battleground states — Michigan and Wisconsin — by less than 1 percent. And the ads were seen by 10 million Americans.

Thus, it appears that the Trump campaign likely conspired with Russian spies to steal the U.S. presidential election in a bloodless coup by “weaponizing” Facebook ads and fake news. Trump campaign officials appear to be headed for prison, although Trump could pardon them. Can he pardon himself, though?

Joyous country music festival turns into horrific scene of nation’s worst mass shooting


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Facebook and Google promoted fake news about the mass shooting from right-wing extremist groups:

Country music stars react to the mass shooting:

Several of the victims were from Riverside, including one from Riverside City College:

RCC has scheduled a vigil for student Angela Gomez on Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. in the Landis Performing Arts Auditorium:

Southern Californians killed in the mass shooting:


Department of Homeland Security announces plan to monitor immigrants’ social media posts


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Marking posts private may not keep out prying eyes, as the spies can and do get warrants to force the tech giants to turn over user data. It can help partially protect privacy in some cases, though, as some court orders only apply initially to metadata instead of the content of messages.

Undocumented people and citizens as well will self-censor when they are afraid of mass surveillance by the government. And democracy dies each time a voice is silenced:

‘Hamilton’ creator to Trump: ‘You’re going straight to hell’ for Puerto Rico response


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“Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda had some choice words in response to Trump’s crude tweets and weak response in helping Puerto Rico recover from the hurricane:

Russel Honoré, the tough as nails retired general appointed by George Bush to take over the federal response to Katrina in 2005, also did not mince words about Trump:

San Juan’s mayor pleaded for a faster response to help desperate people in Puerto Rico:

Trump seeks to divide with offensive tweets instead of healing the nation


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Trump’s tweet tally: 24 about the NFL. Four about Puerto Rico:

Trump and North Korea trade threats of nuclear war


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Trump said if North Korea attacks the U.S. or an ally, he would “totally destroy” the country of 26 million people.

A preemptive attack by the U.S. would likely result in North Korea attacking and killing millions of South Koreans and possibly additional attacks.

Trump does not seem to understand the difference between crude talk by professional wrestlers and intelligent discourse by heads of state:

“For a man who could decide to use nuclear weapons to speak about them in a cavalier and bullying tone is obscene. For professional wrestling, fine; for matters of worldwide life and death, no.”:

Many undocumented young people do not want to be called ‘Dreamers’


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Congress needs to pass legislation to extend DACA protections before they expire in March and create a reasonable path to citizenship. Either one without the other would not be enough.

The deadline to file for DACA renewal is fast approaching:

LeBron James, Stephen Curry push back against Trump’s hateful behavior


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Other athletes also criticized Trump:

The NFL’s commissioner also criticized Trump:

More than a dozen NFL players knelt or locked arms during the national anthem before their game Sept. 24:

Trump attacks free speech as a racial weapon to divide the nation and divert attention from his failure to help pass any significant legislation:

It’s inspiring to see athletes and sports executives standing up to police brutality and Trump. Now leaders in every profession need to follow their lead. Then there would be a groundswell demanding Trump’s resignation.

‘Dolores’ tells story of heroic Latina activist for farm worker rights


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The inspirational, timely film is in theaters now and will air on PBS for free on Feb. 26, 2018:

The closest theater is in Claremont:



Plan would make first year of Community College free


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Update: Gov. Brown signed the bill:

Cash for college plan spreads in California:

Facebook sold 3,300 pro-Trump ads to sleazy Russian company


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The advertisements were placed by Russian spies with close ties to Russian dictator Putin during the U.S. presidential campaign:

Facebook has always been a trashy, exploitative company. It was founded by a couple of fraternity buddies to rate women’s bodies. Look at it now: Facebook is much worse than it has ever been.

U.S. investigators will now attempt to determine whether the Trump campaign assisted the Russian spies who placed the pro-Trump ads with Facebook:

Facebook’s CEO apologized for the tech giant’s mishandling of advertising during the presidential campaign:

Any Trump campaign members who conspired with Russian spies to influence the presidential campaign should be headed to prison:

Update: 10 million people saw the advertisements associated with the Russian government:

Trump considers eliminating DACA protections for undocumented students, workers


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Trump is expected to announce his decision by Sept. 5:

Many RCC students could be deported if Trump cancels DACA.

There will be court challenges, of course, and many protests. DACA will not go down without an epic fight:

RCC students have the option to withhold their information from the federal government by selecting “No” in WebAdvisor, although the college district’s policy is to comply with warrants, etc.:

Trump, it seems, seeks to harm everything good, decent and worthwhile he can get his brutish hooks into.

California takes steps toward becoming a sanctuary state:

Update: Trump is planning to kick the can down the road on DACA by announcing he will end it in six months unless Congress passes its own legislation to continue the program. Of course, by taking this approach Trump can blame Congress if DACA is eliminated:


The Inland Empire’s people and economy would suffer if DACA is ended:

This brave DACA Dreamer died trying to save lives after the hurricane:

Trump has announced the end of DACA unless Congress acts to protect it, which is extremely unlikely:

The New York Times said in its editorial that Trump is a coward because of the way he handled the announcement to end DACA and because of the decision itself:

Former president Obama described Trump’s decision to end DACA as “cruel.” Here is Obama’s statement:

“They were brought to this country by their parents, sometimes even as infants. They may not know a country besides ours,” Obama wrote. “They may not even know a language besides English. They often have no idea they’re undocumented until they apply for a job, or college, or a driver’s license.”

Obama is correct: It would be cruel to deport DACA Dreamers. They are as American as any citizen. They serve in the U.S. military, provide the food we eat, excel in college and generate billions of dollars for the economy. They have proven that they deserve to be here.

Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York says Trump’s decision to eliminate DACA is “contrary to the spirit of the Bible and of our country, and a turning away from the ideals upon which our beloved country was founded”:

Update: Trump has proposed a legislative DACA compromise, but it is very unlikely Congress will agree to it or any other legislation within Trump’s six-month deadline:

Update: Congressional leaders and Trump have agreed to attempt to pass legislation that would protect DACA Dreamers. Nothing has been approved yet, but this new development looks promising:

What has propelled this new spirit of compromise between Trump and Democrats is Trump’s frustration with Congressional Republicans and his desire to be seen as successful in approving new legislation. Let’s hope the trend continues and that he is then impeached after the investigation into his ties to Russia concludes.

Update: Undocumented young people have until Oct. 5 to attempt to renew DACA status:

Even if a deal is struck to extend DACA, the protections would only be temporary:


Augmented, virtual reality forecast to grow rapidly


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Check out these new augmented reality (AR) apps, including the one from IKEA. Then imagine how student journalists and readers could virtually place items where they would like for them to be, such as benches outside the Writing Center at RCC, or a wider variety of food items at the college’s cafeteria. Then imagine using AR and a smartphone to gather and report the news and to share opinions. The possibilities for empowerment and expression are limitless:

Augmented reality and virtual reality spending is forecast to grow from $11 billion now to $108 billion to $215 billion a year by 2021:

Worldwide AR/VR market will grow from $11B today to $215B by 2021, predicts IDC

And, of course, 360 video will be a part of this new way to report the news:

Viewpoints has its first 360 video:

The Washington Post has updated its app for AR:

Journalists will harness these amazing tools to report the news. The future of news will be exciting.

Trump attempted to sell his soul to Russia


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“Our boy”:

Trump lied when he said he had no business dealings with Russia:

How to help Hurricane Harvey victims



Up to 50 inches of rain is forecast for some areas in Texas:

Photos of the devastation:

Hurricane Harvey is the biggest rain event in U.S. history:

As expected, the most insensitive person in America failed miserably to console the suffering thousands in Houston when he instead crudely and selfishly attempted to score political points:

Climate change intensifies storms:

Ongoing coverage from the Houston Chronicle:

Trump has lied more than 1,000 times in first seven months as president


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Trump is now on target to lie more than 1,700 times in his first year as president:


Trump levels over the top attack on journalists


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Trump’s attack was so vicious that several media experts are now even more concerned for the safety of journalists:

There has always been tension between the press and presidents, but Trump has gone way beyond anything ever seen before in the U.S., surpassing even Nixon in attacking the news media.


Trump threatens to shut down government


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There is no end to Trump’s reckless madness:

Trump also said he may pardon former sheriff Joe Arpaio, a blatant bigot who brutally housed inmates in tents during the summer in Arizona in 120 degree temperatures and illegally imprisoned people for no reason other than that they were suspected of being undocumented.

Update: Trump followed through with his plan to pardon the blatant racist Joe Arpaio:

Trump tweeted that he wants the nation to “heel.” That is exactly what he wants. Merriam-Webster, the dictionary, tweeted that its most searched word is “fascism.” Indeed:

Section 4, Amendment 25 to the Constitution:

“Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”



Trump, eclipse: What could go wrong?



What do scientists know, anyway:

First Trump lost his mind. Now his eyes are shot. What’s next?

Prominent Republicans question Trump’s mental competency


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A U.S. senator has questioned Trump’s competency:

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein said that several prominent Republicans told him Trump is not mentally competent and is unfit to serve as president:

It should be obvious to everyone that Trump is mentally incompetent and should be asked to resign. If he refuses, Trump should be impeached and removed from office. Now.

Trump’s ghostwriter predicts Trump will resign soon:

Update: A U.S. representative has announced that he plans to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump:

Update: U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, doubts Trump can save his presidency:

Update: A former U.S. National Intelligence director has questioned Trump’s mental fitness to decide whether to launch a nuclear attack:

Psychiatrists also have questioned Trump’s mental health and the nation’s for electing him:

US urgently needs national ‘You’re fired! Day’


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It should be clear by now to all reasonable people that Donald Trump cannot effectively lead the nation and that he will actively seek to harm it by severely weakening its institutions and threatening everything good people hold dear.

Members of nonprofit groups, activists, environmentalists, civil rights attorneys, opinion writers, musicians, artists, actors, celebrities, athletes, teachers, professors, students, religious leaders, politicians, and everyone with a moral conscience could unite in one awe-inspiring national day of music, marches, speeches, walkouts, meetings, vigils, petitions and tweets for the sole purpose of demanding that President Trump immediately resign. If he ignores this demand, Trump would still be so severely weakened that he would quickly figure out that he cannot succeed with any of his plans to destroy the nation’s institutions. The people will have won, either way.

This can be done. Tens of millions of Americans and people throughout the world can unite to end this nightmare.

Prominent charities fire Trump:

How to contact your representatives to request that they impeach Trump:

Trump equates Nazis with people who oppose them


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Trump actually claimed that people who express their opposition to Nazis are just as bad as Nazis:

One of these Nazis killed an activist in Charlottesville.  And the president of the United States then said one group is no worse than the other.

The most defining and consistent characteristic of Trump as president has been his lust for violence fueled by hate. It was clear during his campaign when he encouraged his supporters to attack protestors at his rallies. It was clear last week when he threatened to launch nuclear weapons. It was clear this week when he said Nazis are no worse than people who express their opposition to Nazis. And it will continue to be clear throughout his presidency.

Today’s editorial from The Washington Post: “The nation can only weep”:

Corporate executives are fleeing Trump:

Former CIA director John Brennan described Trump’s bizarre and bigoted comments as “despicable”:

World leaders react to Trump’s bigotry:

NBA players and coaches react to Trump’s bigoted comments:

Prominent Republicans hammer Trump for claiming Nazis are no worse than people who oppose Nazis:

A Move On petition to demand Congress censure Trump for failing to condemn white supremacy and Nazis:

Enough is enough:

Seth Meyers criticizes Trump for his failure to lead the nation after the violence in Charlottesville:

The mother of Heather Heyer, who was killed by a Nazi in Charlottesville, urges everyone to confront bigotry: