US urgently needs national ‘You’re fired! Day’


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It should be clear by now to all reasonable people that Donald Trump cannot effectively lead the nation and that he will actively seek to harm it by severely weakening its institutions and threatening everything good people hold dear.

Members of nonprofit groups, activists, environmentalists, civil rights attorneys, opinion writers, musicians, artists, actors, celebrities, athletes, teachers, professors, students, religious leaders, politicians, and everyone with a moral conscience could unite in one awe-inspiring national day of music, marches, speeches, walkouts, meetings, vigils, petitions and tweets for the sole purpose of demanding that President Trump immediately resign. If he ignores this demand, Trump would still be so severely weakened that he would quickly figure out that he cannot succeed with any of his plans to destroy the nation’s institutions. The people will have won, either way.

This can be done. Tens of millions of Americans and people throughout the world can unite to end this nightmare.

Prominent charities fire Trump:

How to contact your representatives to request that they impeach Trump:

Trump equates Nazis with people who oppose them


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Trump actually claimed that people who express their opposition to Nazis are just as bad as Nazis:

One of these Nazis killed an activist in Charlottesville.  And the president of the United States then said one group is no worse than the other.

The most defining and consistent characteristic of Trump as president has been his lust for violence fueled by hate. It was clear during his campaign when he encouraged his supporters to attack protestors at his rallies. It was clear last week when he threatened to launch nuclear weapons. It was clear this week when he said Nazis are no worse than people who express their opposition to Nazis. And it will continue to be clear throughout his presidency.

Today’s editorial from The Washington Post: “The nation can only weep”:

Corporate executives are fleeing Trump:

Former CIA director John Brennan described Trump’s bizarre and bigoted comments as “despicable”:

World leaders react to Trump’s bigotry:

NBA players and coaches react to Trump’s bigoted comments:

Prominent Republicans hammer Trump for claiming Nazis are no worse than people who oppose Nazis:

A Move On petition to demand Congress censure Trump for failing to condemn white supremacy and Nazis:

Enough is enough:

Seth Meyers criticizes Trump for his failure to lead the nation after the violence in Charlottesville:

The mother of Heather Heyer, who was killed by a Nazi in Charlottesville, urges everyone to confront bigotry:

Trump administration censors use of words ‘climate change’


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The U.S. government is censoring the use of the words “climate change.” Instead, government employees are now required to use the words “weather extremes”:

The change in terminology has been ordered to make it less difficult to push through an increase in the use of coal and oil. The Trump administration has learned that whoever controls the language is more likely to win public support, as occurred when Republicans referred to the “estate tax” as the “death tax” when they proposed tax reform.

The timing of the change in terminology could not be more suspect, as a new national study details the devastating effects of climate change:

Climate change is expected to lead to more extended droughts in California:

Without urgent action, climate change effects are expected to include more wildfires, diseases, wars, starvation, ocean acidification, flooded coastal cities and species extinctions.

The planet has only a 5 percent chance of reaching the goals set out in the recent Paris climate agreement:

Update: A U.S. State Department science envoy has resigned. His blistering resignation letter spelled out the word “IMPEACH” in embedded text:

Trump threatens to attack North Korea



Trump apparently is considering the use of nuclear weapons against North Korea, as he said any further threats will be met with a response stronger than anything ever seen anywhere. This would mean that millions of people would die.

Update: CNN is reporting that North Korea has threatened to attack Guam, where the U.S. has a military base:

Critics of Trump say that his “fire and fury” threat means that he is planning to use nuclear weapons against North Korea:


Trump encourages police brutality


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The police in the county where Trump spoke released a statement strongly rejecting police brutality:

Los Angeles police react:

Trump also encouraged his supporters to attack protestors during the election campaign:

Trump has a creepy fixation with violence and a sad lack of basic human decency.

What a bizarre week for Trump:

White House communications director threatens to kill leakers


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Trump’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, launched a vulgar attack Wednesday night on White House staff who leak to the news media and even threatened to kill them:

“The Mooch” will fit right in as a crude Trump supporter.

Trump attempts to dismantle the nation


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Trump’s chief White House strategist, Stephen Bannon, says he wants to destroy the nation:


Trump bans transgender people from military


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Trump claimed during his election campaign that he would support transgender people, but now everyone can see what a bigot he really is:

Transgender people react to the ban:

Trump, who received deferments and avoided military service during the Vietnam war, did not even attempt to explain his decision to ban transgender people or discuss the topic publicly. Instead, he callously made the announcement in a few curt tweets to discriminate against thousands of brave American volunteers who put their lives on the line to defend the nation.

Sen. John McCain, who was tortured while being held as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, opposes Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from military service:

Celebrities react to Trump’s ban:

Trump announced the ban on transgender people serving in the military on the anniversary of the military’s desegregation:

Critics told CNN that Trump made the decision for political reasons to divert attention from the investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia and his party’s failure to approve a new national health insurance plan.

Trump considers firing special counsel, attorney general to thwart investigation


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Trump is even researching pardoning himself as a way to stay in power:

Update: Trump is considering firing the attorney general during the August recess when Congress members are out of town. Trump would then appoint a temporary attorney general who would fire the special counsel who is investigating the Trump team’s ties to Russia:

Trump is attempting to turn the U.S. into a third world banana republic.

Update: Senators have warned Trump that firing Attorney General Sessions — and replacing him with someone who would fire the special counsel — would be viewed as an unacceptable attempt to block the investigation into the Trump team’s ties with Russia:

Update: Trump attempted to cover up Russia scandal:

If the investigation into the Trump team’s ties with Russia is effectively blocked, we can say with certainty that our system of checks and balances has been severely weakened and that the president considers himself above the law. At that point, all Americans and the entire world should refuse to recognize Trump as president. All orders and requests by Trump should then be ignored. And Trump should then be impeached.

Trump distrusts even loyal supporters


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Trump has thrown the attorney general, FBI director and special counsel under the bus:

Trump’s latest paranoia follows suspicions about his own staff and family leaking information to the news media. But he thinks highly of the world’s worst dictators from North Korea, the Philippines, Egypt and Russia.

Australian journalist, European leaders criticize Trump


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Trump campaign admits meeting about Clinton with Russian spy agency


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Here’s what is known so far about the attempted collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign:

Trump is shown in a video meeting with Russians involved with the attempted collusion to influence the U.S. presidential election:


Trump goes off deep end with fake video attacking news media


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There comes a point when some older adults lose their minds and behave as children. Trump has reached that stage, apparently, and would seem better situated in a nursing home than in the White House:

This is not someone who can be trusted with the nuclear codes.

CNN responds:

Republican health insurance plan shifts wealth from the poor to the rich


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The effects of losing health insurance for families:

Trump proposes devastating higher education cuts


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Trump’s proposed higher education budget:

  • Cuts Federal Work-Study Programs by $488 million (49 percent).
  • Elimination of Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants, a cut of $733 million (100 percent).
  • Eliminates subsidized student loans and public service loan forgiveness for new student loan borrowers.
  • Adult Education Grant cut by $326 million (40 percent).
  • Dislocated Worker Grants cut by $385 million (39 percent).
  • Youth Grants cut by $457 million (52 percent).
  • Perkins Act cut by $166 million (15 percent).
  • GEAR UP cut by $104 million (32 percent).
  • Adult Basic Education cut by $96 million (16 percent).
  • TRIO cut by $92 million (10 percent).
  • Pell Grants: Maximum award stays flat at $5,920.

Trump’s proposed cuts to higher education funding would have severe impacts on tens of thousands of Community College students in California. Many will drop out or never enroll if Congress approves the cuts.

Meanwhile, 20 percent of Community College students in Los Angeles are homeless and most struggle to pay for food:



Comey: Trump lied, misled public about reason for firing


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Former FBI Director James Comey testified that Trump attempted to stop the investigation of the Trump team’s ties to Russia:

Comey also testified that Russia interfered with the presidential election. This is far worse than what happened with the Watergate scandal.

A Trump campaign associate appears to have colluded with Russian hackers to obtain emails from Hillary Clinton to use against her in the presidential election:


Trump rejects international climate change plan


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The entire world — even North Korea — signed the agreement in Paris, but not the U.S.

Trump ignores the fact that the use of clean energy helps the economy:

Trump inspires Republicans to attack journalists


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Trump supporters boo and assault journalists:

Trump encourages his supporters to be violent (caution: offensive language):

Update: Journalists are still being attacked:


Trump praises brutal dictator Duterte


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Duterte has threatened to bomb rural schools in the Philippines:

Trump has praised the world’s worst dictators including North Korea’s Kim Jong-un:

Trump praises dictators because he is an infantile fool who wants their approval:

Trump to propose cutting Medicaid for 10 million people


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Trump also is expected to propose cutting funding for Habitat for Humanity, subsidized school lunches and the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Trump would also slash funding for food stamps:

Update: Trump’s proposed budget is an outrageous scam:

Update: Republican plan would leave 23 million Americans without health insurance:

Of course, the rich, including Trump, would get giant tax breaks.

Trump staff members seek other employment as impeachment looms


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A Republican consultant has urged Trump staffers to quit:


House Republican majority leader claims Russian dictator Putin pays Trump


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House Speaker Paul Ryan then demanded everyone present during this recorded discussion swear to keep the alleged corruption a secret:

Justice Department appoints special counsel to investigate Trump campaign’s ties to Russia


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Of course, the bully Trump whined that he has been mistreated.

Obstruction of justice will be a significant focus of the special counsel’s investigation:

A former CIA director testified about the Trump campaign’s efforts to conspire with Russian spies to influence the presidential election:


Trump shares highly classified information with Russia


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Republicans say that Trump’s disclosure to Russian officials jeopardizes national security:

Trump even told the Russians about highly sensitive and classified plans by the U.S. military in Syria and Iraq.

Analysis of Trump’s latest bizarre behavior:

It boggles the mind why anyone would support Trump, who is obviously grossly incompetent and stupidly reckless.

Trump’s support is dropping:

Update: As tempers flare among White House aides, Trump lashes back against his own administration and trusts almost no one — not even his own family:

Update: Trump is lashing out against everyone it seems, even the U.S. intelligence agencies. But he is buddies with the Russians and the world’s worst dictators:

Trump threatens FBI director, news media


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Trump has a long history of attempting to bully people. His brutish behavior may come back to haunt him when the recordings he apparently made are subpoenaed:

Trump recommended that Comey imprison journalists:

Trump is acting increasingly paranoid and unstable, and it’s all uphill from here. Next up may be charges of obstruction of justice, which could lead to his impeachment:

Update: Former intelligence chief James Clapper says Trump and Russia are threatening the nation’s institutions:

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein says that Trump’s firing of the FBI director represents a dangerous situation:

Update: Trump unsuccessfully pressured the FBI director, prior to firing him, to cancel its probe of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia:

Update: Trump’s attempt to pressure Comey to cancel the FBI’s probe was illegal and may lead to his impeachment:

A national poll has found that “idiot” is the most common word used to describe Trump. Also common were “incompetent” and “liar”:

Trump is so ignorant that he believes fake stories his staff gives to him: